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This week with our discussion about overfishing and collapsing fisheries and the need for more sustainable fishing practices, I decided to look into “environmentally friendly fish” and where to get them.

Walmart is in the process of making itself a sustainable business.  They have set several goals relating to their business practices, including the commitment to sell products that sustain people and the environment.  In the United States they have successfully met their goal to “work with the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and Aquaculture Certification Council, Inc. (ACC) to certify that all foreign shrimp suppliers adhere to Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standards in the U.S. by 2011.”  BAP certification outlines standards for different facilities and include regulations on conservation of biodiversity, soil and water management, and drug and chemical use.  Shrimp, tilapia, channel catfish and Pangasius are currently eligible for BAP certification and soon salmon will be included as well.  Besides Walmart, BAP certified fish can be found at Bottom Dollar Food, Food Lion, Giant, Kroger, and Target, among others.  Just look for the stamp.

Another goal Walmart is still working on is “purchasing all wild-caught fresh and frozen fish for the U.S. from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified fisheries by 2011.”  Their website cites them as having 55% MSC-certified fish as of January 2010.  MSC certification is based on adherence to sustainable fishing and seafood traceability standards.  Besides Walmart, MSC-certified fish can be found at Kroger, Harris Teeter, Target, and Whole Foods Market to name a few.  The complete list along with specific products can be found here or while grocery shopping you can look for the blue oval on seafood products, as shown below.

One great tool to use while dining out or grocery shopping is the FishPhone.  iPhone users can download a FishPhone app for free.  This app not only provides information about the sustainability of the fish in question, but also provides sustainable alternatives based on taste and suggests recipes and complementary wines.  For those without an iPhone, you can text FISH and the name of the fish to 30644 to get information about the environmental sustainability of the fish you want and good alternatives if it is a fish associated with environmental problems.


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  1. cardaddy says:

    Hi there! Cool site! Does anyone know more blogs on this topic?

  2. I’ve to confess that i sometimes get bored to learn the entire thing however i think you possibly can add some value. Bravo !

  3. kbrown says:

    Amanda, I’m glad you liked it! I thought it was pretty cool too, especially with providing recipes.

  4. Amanda Howland says:

    Wow what you found about the app for the iPhone is really cool! I definitely am going to download that to my iPhone. I think it is a really great idea and I’m glad someone invented that since I can see it being very helpful in buying and eating only sustainable fish. I also definitely am going to share this!